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Not All Rugs Are Created Equal

In fact, there are infinite options out there when it comes to color, pattern, size, style, shape and more! Picking out the right rug for your home or business isn’t always an easy task, which is why at Big Oak Tree Rug Gallery, we aim to give you as many options as possible. With more than 1,000 different rugs in stock, we’ll help you explore all of these variables, so you end up with a rug that complements your style, décor and personal taste.

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In-Home Consultations

Not sure what type of rug will best suit your home or office? We’ll be glad to provide you with an in-home consultation that helps you understand the dynamic of the room and determine the right color scheme, to defining the decor, to matching and complementing patters, our staff will assist you in making a rug purchase that’s absolutely perfect for your space.

Our Gallery

Take a look at a sampling of our rugs. Our rugs range in size from 2′ x 2′ to 12′ x 18′, ensuring you’re getting the right piece of décor for your space, no matter its size.

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Let Us Help You Find the Right Rug

Is your space missing a little flair of décor? Want to bring some ambiance and allure to your plain floors? The right rug can go a long way! Reach out to Big Oak Tree Rug Gallery today and let us help you find a rug you’ll love.